Communications, Media, and Tech

Bumped for Communications, Media, and Tech

Bumped is on a mission to build lasting 1:1 relationships between brands and their customers. For the Communications, Media, and Technology space this is a unique way to win and retain market share.

How Bumped Works

Your Brand

No tech integration required

  1. Invite your customer to create a Bumped brokerage account
  2. Determine the behaviors that matter - increasing visits or spend, signing up for your loyalty program, etc
  3. Reward the behaviors you seek

Your Customers

Get an invite from a brand

  1. Accept an invite
  2. Set up their account
  3. Get rewarded in fractional shares of stock or ETFs

Bumped converts cash rewards into fractional stock or ETFs for customers.

Visibility and Personalization

Bumped gives you a broad understanding of your competitive market and a laser-focus on the outcomes that matter most to you.

1:1 Loyalty

Rewarding in stock and ETFs is a fresh approach to loyalty marketing that builds your brand, rather than diminishes it.

Your Platform

You get total control over your rewards. Measure the impact of your marketing spend against the outcomes you’re looking for.

Communications, Media, and Tech Use Cases

The following are examples of how you can leverage Bumped to achieve your loyalty goals — the outcomes aren’t mutually exclusive, and often the results span multiple categories.

Increase Overall Spend & Reduce Churn

We can target consumers that spend with or subscribe to you and competitors every month, and only reward the consumers who truly change their behavior and spend more with you.

With no tech integration, we can help you:

  • Drive customer acquisition by targeting consumers who spend with your competitors
  • Deepen relationships with your existing customers by rewarding them for buying new products and services
  • Drive specific behaviors like engaging in new channels, upgrading accounts, or participating in specific promotions
You're Invited!

Get rewards when you spend with Your Streaming Service

New Customer Acquisition

Segment and target consumers who change their behavior. For example, we can help you capture market share in competitive geographies or with specific demographic segments.

With our insight into their spending history, you can know what behaviors change at the time of a reward. With no IT integration, we can target things like:

  • Drive consumers to purchase additional products and services
  • Drive account upgrades, opening new accounts
  • Capture market share by targeting customers who shop with you and a competitor, or just with competitors

Add a new line to Your Carrier and get a bonus reward.

Lifetime Value

Millennials and the mass affluent are looking for a connection with the brands they believe in and ways to make financial markets more accessible.

Bumped gives you the ability to provide both of those things, and manage the relationship with your customer throughout their journey with your brand.

  • Turn your customers into your advocates — drive positive word of mouth with a compelling reward
  • Reward for engagement on social media
  • Create a personalized and meaningful reward to target key segments
  • And more!

Share a pic w/ #LoveYourMobileCarrier and get a bonus reward

Data that tells the whole story

Whatever use case you pursue, as a result you can get a better understanding of your customers' behavior. Anonymized and aggregated for privacy, Bumped helps you understand metrics like:

Competitor cross-shopping and spend Change in competitive spend Segmented buying personas Detailed demographics Card preference and utilization

Proof Point: Large Retail Brand

Bumped users selected a large retail brand and began receiving stock for their purchases. On average, the brand spent $1.84 in monthly rewards per customer.

  • Increase in Monthly Visits

    +1Bumped users who selected the brand visited an average of 1 additional time per month.
  • Increase in Monthly Spend

    $45Bumped users who selected the brand spent an average of an additional $45 per month.
  • Increase in Market Share

    3.5%Brand increased market share among Bumped users who chose the brand by 3.5%, accounting for seasonality.
24.2X ROI

Brand's return on marketing spend

Segmented by Target Audience

New Customers

  • 2.3 monthly visits
  • $85.80 avg. monthly spend
100x ROI
($0.86 avg. monthly reward)

Active Customers

  • 2.7 additional monthly visits
  • $150.35 additional monthly spend
48.43x ROI
($3.10 avg. monthly reward)

Bumped works with Brands to set unique parameters for targeted consumer behavior and resulting rewards. The result of the program will be unique to each brand implementation.