Banks & Card Issuers

Bumped for Banks & Card Issuers

Banks are there for the most important milestones of a customer’s life—from first jobs to down payments to retirement. Rewarding your customers in stock along the journey can build a stronger relationship with every swipe. That’s why we built our platform with a variety of capabilities that use stock rewards to power every step of the customer journey.

Banks & Card Issuers Use Cases

Learn more about the Bumped tech platform and how banks can build stock rewards into their own apps and loyalty programs. We group our offerings into three core capabilities: Own, Grow, and Expand.


Ways to automatically reward bank customers in fractional shares of stock for spend. Capabilities include:

  • Open brokerage account in-app.
  • Give consumer ability to choose which brands they want to receive stock in.
  • Reward % of spend in fractional shares of stock with the brands they choose.
  • Build bonus rewards for swipe thresholds.
Choose from multiple well-known brands


Leverage stock rewards to incentivize the healthy financial behaviors that make better bank customers. Things like:

  • One time rewards for account changes (direct deposit, going paperless, auto pay, etc…).
  • Set a series of “missions” to create an engaging customer experience.
  • Introduce customers to additional products and services, or encourage them to set up a meeting with a financial planner.
Educate your users with simple tips


Bumped brokerage accounts can integrate with bank systems a number of ways. Empower new investors, sooner:

  • Incentivize learning and engaging with stock market.
  • Match stock rewards to reach full shares, sooner.
  • Choice to transfer full shares to your bank’s investment account.
Transfer full shares to bank's investment account

Data that tells the whole story

Whatever use case you pursue, as a result you can get a better understanding of your customers' behavior. Anonymized and aggregated for privacy, Bumped helps you understand metrics like:

Competitor cross-shopping and spend Change in competitive spend Segmented buying personas Detailed demographics Card preference and utilization